The film follows the career of the Israeli actress Mili Avital in the U.S. Mili who came to New York to study acting, was discovered by an actor agency director while she was working as a waitress. A year after her arrival to the U.S, she found herself on the set of “Stargate” as the female leading role. Since then she participated in five other movies, staring with stars like James Spider, Quart Russel, Johnny Duff, Gabriel Burne, Lena Olien, Tim Roth and David Schwimmer. Her major films are “Dead man”, “Animals” and “kiss between friends” which she appeared for the first time as American girl in every aspect. Avital was declared as the one of the young promises of Hollywood. The movie  examines why Mili was the lucky one.

1998 – Israel – 45 min.
Hebrew, English


Production company:
Rain Production

Brodcust at Keshet Channel 2

Video – Color – Stereo

Director, Screenwriter and Line producer: Nitzan Gilady
Simcha Madyoni
Ron Goldman

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“Interesting documentary and well made (excellent editing work of Ron Goldman) not chick at all, instead foxing on that elusive stage which transform one actress from millions in a foreign land to a big true star” Yuval Natan – “Yediot Ahronot”

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