A winery night. Three soldiers are stranded on an isolated army base, caught in a card game they’ll never forget.A wintry Saturday night in an adjutancy office on Israel’s northern border. Three desk workers are playing poker. Green, the non-commissioned officer is three months before his army release. David, the cook, is about to sign on for professional service; he needs a father figure and always follows Green. Mano, the gate-keeper, just finished basic training and has an artificial eye; he reveals he can’t pay his debt, so Green offers to bet on his glass-eye. This nerve-racking card game turns Mano from a one-eyed prey into a rifle-carrying predator.

2008 – Israel – 30 min.


Production company:

Supported by: Rabinovich Foundation & The second authority

Video – Color – Stereo

Dir: Nitzan Gilady
Prod.: Yoav Leshem
Sc.: Roy Katsiri
Ph.: Boaz Yehonatan Ya’acov
Ed.: Danielle Avitzur
Original Music: Ophir Leibowitz
W.: Ophir Nahari, Royi Asaf, Oren Balanga
Source: 2 Shot Films –  Levy Zini, Dov Kroitoru
Co prod: Active Movies-Doron Halperin, Tsachi Cohen

Video / Trailer

Festival List (partial)

Sedicicorto – Forli International film festival”
Jerusalem International Film Festival

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