Miri Aloni, perhaps the biggest star who came out of the golden generation of the IDF military bands, is appearing for several years at the Nahalat Binyamine pedestrian in Tel Aviv. She performs twice a week (Tuesday and Friday) as her partner Shmulik Omani, is the producer of this episode in the many vicissitudes life of the former star.
The main axis that drives the film “sing to the end” is the will of Miri Aloni to return and performs on the main stage and not just at the street. She initiated the idea for a show that will gather artists from different stations in her life. Starting with her friends from “Apocalyptic band”, her friends from the legendry “Nachal military band” and the artists that are perform with her at the street.
The film interweaves the journey to produce the show and the daily life of Miri Aloni that include a constant struggle for survival, both personal and professional. The highlight of the film is the evening song show that was held in “Tzavta” hall in Tel Aviv.
Jacob Tene, the CEO of “Tzavta” said that this kind of emotional and exciting show wasn’t held in “Tzavta” for the last thirteen years.

2008 – Israel – 45 min.


Production house:
“Sky and content production”

Video – Color – Stereo

Director: Nitzan Gilady
Developing and editing content: Sarit Hiymian
Executive producer: Sharon Rose
Editing: Gili Gaon
Photograph: Shiri Bar-on

Video / Trailer

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“Singing to Oblivion” floods and raises other questions, more general. Maturation, moments of fame that came too fast and chase our life forever. The street artists, with whom Aloni becomes friend, get a different look, far from the profit ratio that they always get “beggars who does something for their money”.  Gilady’s film gave them, even for a moment, the respect they deserve. Assaf Schinder – Ma’ariv

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