A documentary series of three chapters based on the book by journalist Daniel Ben Simon, “Dark deal in the south” directed by Nitzan Gilady. Ben Simon takes the viewers to a journey in which he reveals the hardship of the people in the south.
The three chapters of the series: “An immigrant gene”, “The righteous express”, and “The big bluff”, exposes the other Israel that is distant from the center and from any leverage. The Israel that life means living at the edge and not sharing the Israeli experience.  This is a different Israel, where unofficial unemployment exceeds 40%. The Israel that most of the immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union came to live in, Israel where the eligibility for high school diploma rate is the lowest compared to other areas in the country.
The three chapters present the hard feelings of the people and predict what might happen if the Israel society won’t divert the attention and the resources to the south. Daniel Ben Simon presents before us a serious warning sign by the sounds and sights of the south.

2005 – Israel – 45 min. (x 3)

Production company: Cinecima Ltd.
Broadcasting channel: Telad, Channel 2.

Video – Color – Stereo

Script and presenting: Daniel Ben Simon
Editor and producer: Nissim Levy (“Jerusalem mix”)
Director: Nitzan Gilady (“In satmar custody”)
Photographer: Ofer Yinuv, (“The campfire”)
Editor: Gili Gaon

Press Releases, Reviews etc.

“Dark deal in the south” is a fatal indictment, one of the scary ones that was ever broadcast and still offers some compassion and humanity. Don’t miss it. “ Raanan Shaked, “Yediot Ahronot”

“The journey of Ben Simon to decode the angry unemployment south is rather moderate and conciliatory. Basically it is a brave and not flattering choice, it is the universal choice”
Assaf Schnider, “Ma’ariv”

Script and presenting – Daniel Ben Simon, Editor and producer – Nissim Levy (“Jerusalem mix”), Director – Nitzan Gilady (“In satmar custody”), Photographer – Ofer Yinuv, (“The campfire”).
Editor – Gili Gaon.
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