Assaf Amdursky, Renen Mosenzon, and Yael and Naomi Perlov set out in the footsteps of their famous fathers, in an effort to examine their childhood homes and their own development as artists. In the first episode, Yael and Naomi Perlov examine how life in the presence of their father, filmmaker David Perlov, brought them to their present state of being. This episode corresponds with scenes from Diary, Perlov’s epic work, and immortalizes Yael and Naomi as artists in their own right. Seven years after his death, Yael has taken charge of the distribution of Perlov’s works in Israel and abroad. Naomi begins working on an exhibit of her father’s artworks.
The second episode follows Assaf Amdursky, son of Benny Amdursky. Assaf, who chose to become a singer and musician like his father, joins Israel Gurion and performs songs from the Dudaim—his father’s musical duo. This episode follows Assaf during rehearsals and investigates, together with him, the kind of father Benny really was. Assaf reacquaints himself with Benny, through his colleagues and the music he sung. From Assaf, this is his last chance to become close to his father, before the memories begin to fade away.

2010 – Israel – 45 min. (x3)
Hebrew, English, French


Production company:
HOT Entertainment

Video – Color – Stereo

Series Creators: Nitzan Gilady, Rinat Klein, Dana Levit
Director: Nitzan Gilady
Head Prod.: Aviv Ogni
Prod. : Michal Oron
Sc.: Nitzan Gilady
Ph.: Nitzan Gilady, Itai Raziel
Ed.: Gili Gaon
Additional Ed.: Nira Tal
Music: Oded Fried-Gaon

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